Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Blog Post!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I suppose I should start by telling you the reasons why I've created this blog and what you can expect to read about in the future. So here goes!

Not too long ago my friend Amy introduced me to a few blogs written by women in their twenties who discuss the delicious food they eat and the ways they stay fit and healthy by exercising regularly. Before long, I found myself hooked to two blogs in particular (http://www.peanutbutterrunner.com/ and http://www.thefrontburnerblog.com/) and have to admit that I check them daily.  In a way, through reading the posts of these two women, I feel a bit like I know them. But most of all, I feel inspired by their seemingly tireless motivation to be active and fit, yet not deny themselves of the foods they most love.

I think these blogs resonate with me so strongly because I've seriously changed my lifestyle and diet over the past year. I joined a gym (VIDA Fitness) that I absolutely love because it both motivates and challenges me. At VIDA, I started taking weight lifting classes which have changed my body; I now have muscle definition which I never thought possible. Furthermore, as of July, I altered my diet in preparation for my wedding (which is next week!). I stopped eating bread, rice, pasta, and potatoes during the week and began eating more fruits and vegetables. Over the past year, I've successfully lost 10 pounds and feel healthier and possess more self-confidence than I ever have had before. As a result, I've started trying things I never thought I would, like hot yoga (which as it turns out I really love!).

It recently occurred to me that I might find it satisfying to start by own blog about fitness, food and the many other things I have going on like getting married, working full-time and going to school to get my Master of Public Health degree (hence the full plate and title of this blog).  So as I sit here, with a glass of red wine in hand (which may be a re-occurring theme on this blog), I'm embarking on my own attempt at a fitness and food blog, with other fun life events sprinkled in. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. WOW - I like the title of your Blog and your quote "Life is Better with a Full Plate." Even though I am not in my 20's I'm also hooked on motivational blogs. Many of Diet Blog's readers - myself included - will have made various resolutions. From past experience, great intentions don't always last very long.
    Resolving to exercise more, lose weight, eat healthy and so on can lead to a constant uphill battle. I try to constantly find motivation to do things differently because my old habits are hard to change. I'm interested in hearing your resolutions, focusing on making good habits,and how you changed your bad ones. I look forward to your future postings!