Friday, December 3, 2010

Back to Reality

I'm returning to my blog as Mrs. Pamela Rich after getting married on November 26th in the company of our closest friends and family. Ryan and I spent the week of Thanksgiving at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya. We picked out the hotel back in April based on a few pictures and hit the jackpot. The hotel was beautiful and elegant, the staff was kind, the food was delicious, the beach was breathtaking and drinks were both strong and unlimited ;).

We had 27 guests come to our wedding and the group was fantastic. Everyone seemed to truly enjoy one another's company and it was an incredible experience to have our friends and family mix so well together. The wedding ceremony itself was everything I could have wanted and more. It was emotional, humorous at moments, sweet, and above all, deeply meaningful. The catamaran cruise afterward was a perfect way to celebrate and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Holly and Jim's speeches. Ryan and I are truly lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives.
Here are a few of my favorite photos from the wedding.
Me and my favorite women.

The new husband and wife.

So happy to be married!

So sweet.

Enjoying our forties :)
Aren't they handsome?

Due to my week in Mexico (which was easily the best week of my entire life!), my new blog has been sadly neglected. Other things that have been neglected while Ryan and I were off having the time of our lives: healthy eating, exercise and Gilligan.

Fortunately, my gluttonous eating and lack of exercise didn’t cause too much weight gain. However, Wednesday night was my first time back at the gym and I definitely felt weaker during my toning class. I’m also really sore today. It’s amazing how long it takes to get into shape and how quickly it seems you can get out of it!

The repercussions of leaving Gilligan for a week have been far greater. The first night we got back (1am on Monday and we had to be at work at 7:30am!), I don’t think I got even one solid hour of sleep. Gilligan meowed in my face, ran across Ryan’s head, chewed my hair, leapt in and out of the bed, curled up on my pillow and stared at me, and generally did everything and anything to make sleep impossible. The last two nights have been similar, although each night has gotten a little better. Hopefully, he’ll be back to normal tonight and we’ll get a solid night’s rest.

My eating is slowly normalizing and I’ve weaned myself off carbs. Breakfast was greek yogurt with ground flax seeds and honey. My mid-morning snack was cashew clusters. Lunch was a big bowl of butternut squash soup (not very good- I would not recommend the V8 brand) with a small scoop of greek yogurt on top and a banana. My mid afternoon snack was mixed veggies. Dinner was a big spinach salad with shrimp, tomatoes, grapes, roasted butternut squash and blue cheese. Before bed I ate a few more cashew clusters (they are addicting) and a slice of sharp cheddar cheese. Thankfully the huge tub of brownie bites at work is gone so I wasn’t tempted by those today!

After school I went to Zumba, as I do most Thursdays with Brenna and Jennifer. I won't share much more about that, as I plan to do a full post on Zumba soon.

Tonight is my work holiday party. The dinner is at Acadiana, which I have heard wonderful things about. I'll be sure report tomorrow if the restaurant lives up to the hype.


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