Thursday, December 9, 2010

Big Changes!

I’m super excited to announce that I recently received a job offer at an amazing organization. My new job is located in Alexandria and is a 10 minute drive from our apartment. This means that it’s no longer practical for me to belong to VIDA. Last week, I called Globalfit, the company which my membership is under, and transferred to Bally Total Fitness, which is just a five minute drive from our apartment. On the weekends, if I’m really feeling motivated, I can even run there.

I anticipated that my divorce from VIDA was going to be an extremely painful one. I absolutely love the classes they offer and believe that I owe much of my weight loss to how hard the instructors push you. I fully believed that another gym just couldn’t compare. I was a bit wrong!

I took my first class at Bally’s on Monday evening called PowerFlex. I was pleasantly surprised because it was very similar to my favorite class at VIDA, Group Power. Both classes are 60-minutes long and use barbells to train all the major muscle groups in your body. The instructor at Bally’s definitely did not push the class as hard as the instructor as VIDA; he was much more conservative in the amount of weight he suggested the class put on  The equipment at Bally’s was also much older and some of it was even falling apart. The last difference was that the music was pretty soft and a little bit outdated. Despite these things, I was happy to know that Bally’s offers a weight training class that I’m both familiar with and love. Weight training is really important to me because of the benefit it offers for weight loss/maintenance, but also for bone density. My big takeaway from Monday night was that I will have to push myself rather than having someone else push me.

The other happy thing about joining Bally’s was that Ryan joined too! He came with me Monday night and we plan to go to PowerFlex together regularly. This is something I’m really looking forward to. Ryan and I used to run together when we were training for a half marathon (which we never actually completed). The time we spent together working out was really nice and I’m glad to have that back!

On another note, I’ve struggled tremendously this week with healthy eating. There have been so many temptations that I’ve found it really hard to resist bread and sweets. I think now that the wedding is over with, I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit with my discipline. I resolved yesterday to get back on track and to save the bread and sweets for the weekends or special occasions and to keep up with my work outs. I’m at a weight that is both healthy for my body and mind and I want to keep it that way!

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