Friday, December 17, 2010

Giving in to food temptation...

First off, I need to admit that I did not go to cycling on Tuesday. As soon as I stepped out of work and felt how incredibly cold it was, I just couldn’t bring myself to work out and then stand in the freezing wind to wait for the bus home. Looking back now, I regret not going- despite my best intentions, I’ve indulged a lot this week!

On Wednesday, my boss took me, Jennifer and Amy, out to lunch at America in Union Station. Although I typically choose salads for lunch, I couldn’t bear the thought of eating something cold when it was so cold out. Instead of a salad, I opted for a mushroom and red pepper quesadilla. It was good, but it felt heavy in my stomach all afternoon.

Wednesday night, I had a work dinner at the Occidental, a steak and seafood restaurant next to the White House. The white wine Brenna ordered was delicious and the waiter had a knack for filling up my glass any time it looked any less than full. I started with a green salad with bing cherries, goat cheese and peppered pecans. For my entrĂ©e, I had the surf and turf, which was a petite filet and a crab cake. I was really excited for the crab cake, but it was loaded with dill, something I absolutely hate. The steak, however, was cooked perfectly and was delicious. When the dessert menu came, I had a debate with myself whether to get the chocolate dessert or order the chocolate cherry martini that I had been eyeing all night. I decided to go with the chocolate dessert since I already had my fair share of alcohol that evening. The dessert I ordered looked like a little pyramid. The consistency was mousse-like and the bottom was a bit like a chocolate graham cracker crust. And in the middle was gooey-caramel, which was my favorite part of the dessert!

When I got home, Ryan was heading out the door to play indoor soccer, so I settled myself on the couch to catch up on Glee. I’m not going to lie, I cried when Finn and Kurt’s parents got married. The episode landed among my favorites.

Now onto exercise. After eating more than I ever intended yesterday at an all day meeting (croissants and cookies galore!), I was determined to exercise. Brenna, her husband Jake, Ryan and I planned to go to boot camp at the same place where I go to zumba. Unfortunately, due to the snow, boot camp was cancelled. As a result, I decided I would go to Bally’s and try a new class. Bally’s was also offering a boot camp class, which Ryan and I took. The class was very challenging and I was really pleased. The teacher, Vince, split all of us into five groups. Each group did five minutes at five stations. The stations were:
  1. Wall sits with free weights for arm exercises
  2. Bear crawl to cone one, alternating lunges to cone two, 10 squats. Repeat.
  3. Abs
  4. Jump down a line of steps, high knees all the way back, 10 jumping jacks. Repeat.
  5. Alternating running up and down the step with four risers and burpees.
After we completed all of the stations, we did Indian Sprints for five minutes. By the end of the work out, my legs were shaking and I literally felt like I couldn’t do any more. It was great. I was especially happy that Vince pushed us to hard throughout the class. I spoke with Vince after class and talked a bit about how to become a PowerFlex teacher. It doesn’t sound too difficult, I just need to have the patience to wait until May.

Tonight Ryan and I are going to Kinkead’s for happy hour. Although it’s right on GW’s campus, I’ve never been because of how expensive it is. However, a few months ago, I bought a Groupon to the restaurant and we’re going to take advantage of the less-pricey bar menu. I have my eye on fried clam roll and a glass of white wine.

It will be an early night tonight, since I am planning to go to PowerFlex with Ryan at 9:30 and then hot yoga with Brenna. I’ve never done hot yoga after any other sort of exercise, so I’m hoping I have the energy to get me through the class. Wish me luck!

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