Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend Recap

Ryan and I had a great time at happy hour at Kinkeads on Friday. I had two delicious glasses of Sauvignon Blanc. Ryan stuck with beer and had a few Stella’s. We shared 12 oysters, which were wonderful. They were from Nova Scotia, Washington State and Massachusetts.

Ryan and I also shared a small plate of onion rings, which were fantastic. They were super crispy, had coarse salt on the outside and came with two yummy dipping sauces.

After happy hour, we headed over to Tonic on GW’s campus. There was a 30-minute wait, so we made our way into the super crowded bar area to have a beer. We both had Shock Top since they didn’t have Blue Moon, our typical beer of choice. We actually both agreed that we preferred the Shock Top to Blue Moon! Once we were seated, I ordered a steak salad with red onions, blue cheese and tomatoes. Ryan ordered a bacon cheeseburger that came with tater tots instead of fries. We both really enjoyed our meals.

I had a pretty terrible headache on Saturday morning after mixing wine and beer. I skipped PowerFlex and ran errands instead. I also missed hot yoga since Pottery Barn was four hours early to deliver our new dining room table and chairs. Although I skipped my planned workouts, I was able to have a really relaxing Saturday afternoon.

Late Saturday afternoon I made apple crisp to bring to my friend Wellesley’s for dinner. The recipe was from Gourmet and was super easy to make. I thought it turned pretty well! Next time I think I will cook it for a bit less time so that the apples aren’t quite as soft. Dinner was great- good company, good wine and good food!

Sunday was yet another lazy day without exercise. I just couldn’t bring myself to put on my workout clothes. Instead, I got my daily steps in at the Pentagon City mall. J The highlight of my day was the afternoon trip Ryan and I took to Red Mango. I got Madagascar vanilla with pomegranate seeds. It was sooo good. We’re going to try and make tangy yogurt soon in our ice cream maker.

For dinner, I made a big salad with baby spinach, pears, avocado, roasted butternut squash and shrimp. I then took myself to see Black Swan while Ryan, Jim and Gilly had some boy time. I was really excited to see Black Swan, but I was disappointed. The plot was disturbing, and the movie was pretty graphic. However, I did think Natalie Portman did an amazing job. I thought she was really convincing as a dancer and she totally transformed her body. I could see her winning an Oscar.

To make up for my lack of exercise this weekend, I’m going to PowerFlex with Ryan at 5:30 and heading to Zumba afterwards with Brenna. Until tomorrow!

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