Thursday, December 23, 2010


On Monday night, I went to PowerFlex with Ryan as planned. The class was painfully boring and I kept thinking about how I would spice things up if I were the instructor. The first thing would be to add some loud, fun music; it’s never a good sign when the instructor announces that he’s 60 years old and that the song playing came out when he was in high school. A little Rihanna could do the class a lot of good.

After class, we went home and I got ready to head out to zumba with Brenna. The zumba class is inside a bingo hall, which sounds a little strange, but it’s actually a perfect setting since over 100 people attend every class. There have been many nights where it was so crowded there was barely enough room to move. The instructor dances on a stage with several other backup dancers. The lights are dim. The music is loud and fast. The entire setting almost feels like a night club…only without the bar.

I love this zumba class for so many different reasons. First, it’s just simply fun and you don’t feel like you’re working out. I smile for almost an entire hour, either amused by my own dancing or by watching someone else in the crowd who is having just as good at time as I am. There is this one older man that Brenna and I absolutely love. He grins from ear to ear the entire class and is just amazing to look at; you can’t help but smile when you watch him. I also love the fact that not one single person in the entire place seems to be self-conscious about the way they look when they’re dancing. There are good dancers, bad dancers and terrible dancers, but none of that really seems to matter. I’m also struck by the fact that every week people of all races, ethnicities, ages, and body types take the class.

And most of all, I love the class because it’s time I get to spend with my girlfriends. This is especially important since I will be starting a new job on January 3rd and won’t get to see them on a daily basis any more. L While I'm so excited to start my new job, it is going to be a huge adjustment not to be able work with my good friends. I'm comforted by the fact that I've developed such strong relationships with these girls and that I'm sure the relationships will continue to grow even despite the fact that we will work in different places. I'm very lucky to have met such amazing friends in the workplace!

Moving forward, Tuesday night, Ryan and I met up with my friend Georgette and her husband Jimmy. Georgette and I worked together for two years right after college and developed a really wonderful friendship. She moved to NYC with her husband almost two years ago, so it’s wonderful to see her when the opportunity arises. We had dinner at Lebanese Taverna. Georgette and I split grape leaves, falafel, chicken and lots of bread (way too much bread...). The boys each got some sort of kabob. The food was great and it was absolutely terrific catching up- Georgette and Jimmy both incredible!

After Lebanese Taverna, we headed out to a friend’s birthday party at Co Co Sala. I think almost everything on the menu has chocolate in it, even the mac and cheese! Ryan and I went last year for Valentine’s Day and had a really yummy meal. On Tuesday, we stuck with drinks. I ordered a trio of small cups of hot chocolate. One cup was milk chocolate, one was dark and one was white chocolate. Dark was definitely my favorite by far, followed by milk chocolate. Ryan ordered the Co Cojito, which was a mojito with chocolate flakes. It took me back to our wedding in Mexico and all the mojitos we had there!

After the gym last night, Ryan and I did lots of packing. We’re heading to Rhode Island today to stay with my parents for two days and then we’re heading to Rome. I will have lots to report tomorrow since we are bringing Gilligan on the plane with us. I have a feeling that experience may deserve a blog post all to itself!

Stay tuned!

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