Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

What a weekend!
Friday night, Ryan and I went to Ray’s the Steaks for his birthday. Soon after we sat down at our table, the manager brought over two glasses of complimentary champagne in honor of Ryan’s birthday (I let them know when I made the reservation). For our drinks, Ryan ordered beer and I ordered a glass of red wine, which I hardly drank. Side note: When we were in Rome, I drank way too much red wine on New Year’s Eve (and beer…and champagne) and got sick. I still don’t think I’m ready for red wine yet. Anyway, for an appetizer, we had bacon wrapped scallops. For our entrees, I had filet with a brandy mushroom cream sauce. Ryan has a filet with blue cheese sauce. Both were absolutely delicious. We loved our steaks so much, we hardly even touched the complimentary sides of mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. For dessert, we split the espresso mousse. The taste and texture were perfect. All in all, our dinner was excellent!
On Saturday morning, I got up bright and early to meet Brenna for an 8am hot yoga class at Supernova Yoga. We were both extremely pleased that our favorite instructor, Jamie, was teaching, since he makes the class fly by. He has a very different style than most Bikram instructors; he coaches you through the class, but he offers little jokes and tells stories that make the class a lot less serious. Being able to laugh when it’s 105 degrees and you’re working your butt off is key!  
Once hot yoga was over, I picked Ryan up and we headed to Bally’s to lift weights. Lifting with Ryan was great because he challenged me in how much weight I could lift. It turns out I have some pretty strong legs! For squats, I put 90 lbs on a 42 lb bar. Looks like all the Group Power at Vida and PowerFlext at Bally’s have paid off. We made plans to do it all again on Tuesday. J
After Bally's, Ryan and I went to Great Harvest Bread Company. I have read a ton about Great Harvest on the blogs I follow and have always wanted to try it. It turns out, we have one just a few minutes away from us and we had a gift card! We got two loaves. One was called Apple Scrapple and the other Honey Whole Wheat. The Honey Whole Wheat tastes pretty standard, but the Apple Scrapple is simply delicious. It is soft, chewy and has a crunchy top like on apple crisp. I can totally see why the ladies on the blogs I read love Great Harvest!
After a trip to Costco and salads at home, Ryan and I geared up for a night out with friends to celebrate his birthday. I’m going to save the re-telling of our night for another post since I have lots to say.
On a final note, I signed up for the Four Courts Four Miler on March 12th. It will be a really fun way to get my Saturday morning run in with Brenna and Amy.  
Happy Monday! I hope you’re all feeling more rested than I am.

Anticipated Schedule for the Week:
Monday- Work 8am-5pm. School 6-9pm. BED.
Tuesday- Run 3miles. Work 9am-6pm. Weights with Ryan.
Wednesday-Run 2 miles. Work 9am-2pm. School 3-6pm. Hot yoga with Amy 8pm.
Thursday- Work 9am-6pm. Zumba? Boot camp? Weights?
Friday- Work 9am-5pm. Take out and a movie with my hubby.
Saturday- 4miles and PowerFlex.
Sunday- 8am hot yoga

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