Friday, January 28, 2011

A Snowy Week

What a week!
Things did not exactly goes as planned this week- some things for the better, some for the worse.
Instead of going to PowerFlex on Tuesday, I went to Zumba with Brenna and Jennifer. They both had a work event on Thursday evening, so we decided to go earlier in the week rather than skipping. Zumba was really fun, although my concentration was off. There were just too many people to watch. One lady in front of me was shaking her butt so hard that her pants kept riding down to expose half of her butt crack! There were also three little kids in front of us, probably around seven, that were adorable. I love that people of all ages come to Zumba!
Although Amy and I were supposed to go to hot yoga on Wednesday, class was canceled because of a snowstorm. GW, however, did not cancel my 3pm class (GRRR…). By the time I got out of class “early” at  5:30, the snow was coming down hard. Ryan picked me up at the Pentagon City metro and it took us over THREE HOURS to get home. The commute from the metro to our apartment is typically a four to five minute drive. In the future, I will use more common sense and go to school when there is a severe weather alert in effect. GW should also could use a big heaping dose of common sense.
After work yesterday, Ryan and I went to the gym for a quick workout. While he lifted, I hopped on the treadmill. I started with a five minute warm up, then ran three miles at 7.00mph at a .5 incline, and cooled down for 5 minutes. I’m really trying to push myself in terms of speed. I was pretty comfortable at 7mph and am going to try to keep increasing my mileage at that speed.
In other news, I recently tried Earth Balance (vegan, gluten free “butter”). Have you heard of it? I learned about it from one of the blogs I read and was intrigued. I picked some up the other night at Whole Foods and tried it this week. One word: YUM! It has the same light taste as butter, without that weird margarine taste. I’ve been liberally spreading it on my whole wheat English muffins and toast this week. I plan to bake with the the Earth Balance natural shortening next weekend and will let you know how it goes!
It’s snowing again! Let’s hope it doesn’t interfere with our dinner plans tonight. We’re going to Ray’s the Steaks for Ryan’s birthday. Cross your fingers we make it!

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