Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet Gilligan!

Tonight I've found myself with something that I haven't had a lot of lately: free time! Ryan and I skipped the gym tonight in order to come home, eat dinner, do some homework and just relax.

With a little bit of free time on my hands, I'm able to do something I've been wanting to do for a while now- introduce you to Gilligan, the cutest cat in the world. Below are five little-known things about Gilly.

1. He loves to eat toilet paper. Gilligan loves to even knows how to unroll it so that he can pull off a few squares to munch on.

2. One of his favorite places to hide is the bathtub...even if we've just gotten out of the shower and it's all wet.

3. If he could have a profession, he would be a hair stylist. Like clockwork, every morning at 5:30 he jumps on my head and attempts to eat my hair. I've taken to wearing hooded sweatshirts to bed. He also prefers playing with my hair elastics and headbands to his cat toys.

4. His other favorite place to hide is the fridge. Any time I open the fridge and Gilly's around, he hops on in. This became a problem when Ryan and I accidently locked him in there for 45 minutes when we were moving apartments. We couldn't find him when we got home and only located him by his little meows coming from the kitchen. 

5. He's intrigued by gravity. Gilligan loves to knock things off of high surfaces and watch them fall. He has broken every water glass we own and we've come home to find dozens of broken beer bottles on the kitchen floor that we intended to recycle. We no longer use breakable glasses and Gilligan can't be unsupervised around full drinks. 

A few more things Gilly adores: Any type of bean, tuna, and playing in the bed when we're changing the sheets. He simply is the sweetest little guy and truly makes me happy every day!

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