Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Saturday Night...

Although it’s Wednesday, I still want to discuss Saturday night. I'm going to be honest and say this one was hard to write...
Ryan and I met up with some friends at Spider Kelly’s, a bar in Clarendon. We had a few drinks there and then took the party to Clarendon Ballroom next door. We had a blast at both places- we were surrounded by many of our favorite people in the world, laughed a lot and danced a ton. However, here’s where the not so fun part comes in. At some point later in the night, I hit a wall (figuratively). All of the cocktails caught up with me and I don’t really remember leaving the bar or getting home. The next morning I was hit by a huge hangover and I literally spent most of the day recovering in bed.
Not only did I feel physically terrible on Sunday, but I felt like crap mentally as well. I was truly scared by fact that I couldn’t remember part of Saturday night. Did I say something mean? Did I pick a fight? Did I do something embarrassing, like fall down or spill a drink? Did I get sick? All of these questions were running through my mind on Sunday and made me feel even sicker than I already did. Also on my mind was the fact that I knew I was having a good time until I stopped remembering. What a shame that I couldn’t remember parts of a great evening!  Because I’m married now and I don’t want to miss a moment with my husband, because I’m getting older and maturing,  and because I’m placing a bigger emphasis on my health and wellness, I absolutely, positively  never want to feel the way I felt on Sunday morning ever again.
What does all this mean? Well, first it means that I’m taking a break from drinking.  Regardless of Sunday night, I think this is a good idea since I’m beginning to train for the 10-miler.  It also means that I need to set limits when I drink alcohol in the future and these limits need to be set before I even take my first sip. Armed with a plan, I hope to avoid nights like I experienced last weekend. With that, here’s to a happy, healthy, and responsible 2011!

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  1. We already talked today but just wanted to say I support you 100%!

    Feeling ok after bikram today so maybe I'll try to join y'all on Sunday. 8 AM? Really? Sigh...guess it's better to get it over with. ;)