Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Night Exercise Extravaganza

If I told you what I binged on today, you wouldn't believe me. Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

Feeling guilty over the fact that I've had more cupcakes in the past four days than a person should be legally allowed to eat, and the fact that I haven't worked out since Saturday, I dragged my butt to the gym tonight for a serious workout.

I started by running on the treadmill. I was technically supposed to run four miles tonight, but I was feeling really good, so I ran five. Here's how I did it:

Mile 1- 6.5mph
Mile 2- 6.6 mph
Mile 3- 6.7 mph
Mile 4- 6.8 mph
Mile 5- 6.8-7.2 mph

Once I got off the treadmill, I debated about going to PowerFlex. Since I haven't lifted since Saturday, I thought it best to just take the class and not have to think about weights again until this weekend. I'm so glad I did. The class was taught by a teacher I've never had before and I really liked her. She was tough!

Instead of taking the bus home, I walked the 15 minutes from the gym to my apartment. Right now my legs are seriously shaking, but I feel great. I can't say my guilt over those cupcakes is completely gone, but tonight's workout definitely took the edge off of it!

Enjoy the rest of your nights!

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