Thursday, March 3, 2011

Groceries Galore

I interrupt this regularly scheduled study session to bring you a blog post all about groceries. Warning: this is super nerdy post written in the midst of learning all about randomized study design, process evaluation and ways to decrease threats to validity.

It's that time of week again... the time when I eagerly begin to think about going grocery shopping. Yup, you read that right, I said eagerly. Unlike many people I know, I love grocery shopping. There are just so many possibilities when you go into a grocery store, possibilities that make life very, very delicious. If I'm honest, I'll admit that I also love grocery shopping because it provides a sense of control; when I'm picking out things to eat, I am the one in control and no one else (unlike many other things in my life!).

Those who know me well are aware of my obession with Costco. I get this from my father, by the way. There is such an array of treats inside Costco that its often hard to stay focused and adhere to the grocery lists that I create and re-create all week long. Also, I love the surprises in Costco, you just never know what's going to show up...Michael Kors trenches, NYTimes best selling novels, Russians on pre-paid cell phones, screaming babies in Mozart wigs (those were Stefan references for all those out there who watch SNL). I'm beginning to feel similarly about Trader Joes. The only problem with these two stores is that you often can't get everything you need from them, which in turn means a trip to a third grocery store. That I do not love.

Because I love reading other people's blogs about what's on their grocery lists, what their meal plans are, and how much they spend, I'm going to share these three things with you! Here is part one: the list and the meal plan. Let's see if I can stick to both when I venture into Costco and TJ's this weekend!

Coffee yogurt with a side of berries

Berry pancakes
Lara bar (pre-run)
Protein shake (post-run)
Cottage cheese with pineapple
Cottage cheese w/ pineapple
Cottage cheese w/ pineapple
Cottage cheese w/ pineapple
Cottage cheese w/ pineapple
Salad with avocado and tuna
Grilled cheese with avocado
Salad with a veggie burger
Salad & soup
Salad & soup
Salad & soup
Salad & soup
Salad & soup
Baked chicken with sweet potato fries and salad
Flank steak with mushrooms, roasted brussel sprouts and salad

Homemade white pizza w/ baby broccoli, garlic & sun dried tomatoes
Leftover pizza
I’m going to let the stores inspire me!
Lara bar, yogurt and protein shake
I’m going to let the stores inspire me!
Dinner party! J

Apple slices & string cheese
Apple slices & string cheese
Apple slices & string cheese
Apple slices & string cheese
Apple slices & string cheese

Brussel sprouts
Apple slices
Cottage cheese
Feta cheese
String cheese
Heavy cream (I'm making an ice box cake to bring ot a dinner party)

Trader Joes
Veggie burgers
Balsamic vinegar
Mozz cheese
Whole wheat pizza dough
Baby brocolli
Lara Bars
Hot chocolate
Low-fat butter
Chocolate wafers (for the ice box cake- I may need to get these at a regular grocery store)

I'll be sure to let you know how well I stuck to the plan and how much it all cost this weekend! Now back to process evaluation...

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic menu! I am totally obsessed with menu planning too, which I think drives Corey insane. :) Loving Trader Joe's lately as well!