Thursday, March 24, 2011

The things I'm learning...

Two weeks from this Sunday, I will be running 10 consecutive miles for the first time in my life. For many people, this isn't a big deal. For me, it's major. What may be an even bigger deal is how much I'm learning about myself as a runner in the process of training for those 10 miles.

I'm learning that I'm a determined. There have been many barriers over the past few months that could have interfered with my scheduled runs, but no matter what, I've found ways to get the miles in. Last weekend, it took me an hour to get to the starting point of my long run; at 7am, I walked 1.25 miles to the metro, rode the metro, and walked another .5 mile to my destination. I've learned I will go to great lengths, to run great lengths. 

I'm learning that I'm not patient, but exercising a bit of it will pay off. It takes me a while to get into a run; sometimes its several minutes and sometimes its several miles. During those first few minutes or miles, I'm bored, my mind won't settle, I wish away the time, dread how long the run is going to take me... and then, suddenly just like that, I'm in it. My stride evens, my body relaxes and it actually feels good, sometimes amazing. I've learned that if I'm patient, that good feelings will appear before too long. 

I'm learning that one day, I might just be a good runner. I'm not the fastest runner and I certainly haven't pushed myself very far in the distance department. I don't own a Garmin, I didn't know what negative splits were until a few months ago, and without Amy, I would probably be clueless regarding most things having to do with running. But what I do know, is that my body naturally responds when I ask it to run further and faster. The more I run, the more I realize that some day, after many more training runs and many more races, I might just surprise myself by how far I can go and how fast I can get there. 

And I'm learning that running is something that is done most enjoyably with others, especially if those people are good friends or family. Yet, much of the time, I'm forced to run alone. Although running is tougher alone, it's something that just can't be avoided. Plus, I know it's important to learn how to do on my own. And in that regard, I think running is a lot like life. 


  1. I'm learning that you are amazing. No wait, I already knew that :)

  2. Inspiring post. Makes me want to run this weekend!

  3. Such a great post- and all SO true!!!!

    So grateful to have you to run and learn with!