Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boston's Run to Remember

Ever since I finished the GW Parkway Classic last week, I've been itching to sign up for my first half marathon. Well, I did it! I'm officially registered for Boston's Run to Remember on May 29th! AHHH! I'm kind of freaking out a little...

I picked this race for a few reasons. First, I will be in RI visiting my parents on Memorial Day weekend, so it will be pretty convenient. Second, I will have my parents AND Ryan to see me finish. Ryan couldn't make the last race because he was coaching. It made me really sad, so I'm thrilled he will be there to see me complete my first half! Third, I've got the racing bug and didn't have the patience to wait much longer than May to race again. Finally, the race is pretty big (a plus for me) and I think the course looks fantastic.
I've got five more weekends to train, which makes me feel really confident I will be ready. Here's what the next weeks will probably look like in terms of training (the weeks in the pink have occurred in the past. Tomorrow starts week 12).

1RestWeightsHot Yoga2 miles (15:50) & WeightsRest4 miles & WeightsHot Yoga
2RestWeights4 milesZumbaRest4 miles & WeightsRest
3RestRest5 miles & PowerFlexZumbaRest5 miles & Weights2 hr Zumba
46 milesRestRestRestRest6 miles3 miles
5Rest3 milesPowerFlexRestRest7 miles2 miles & Weights
6RestZumba4.53 miles & PowerFlexRest4 miles4 miles6.89 miles 
7RestIntervals 4.7 milesPowerFlexZumbaRest8 miles4.5 miles
8Rest5 milesRest5 milesRest9 milesRest
9Rest Rest4 milesRest3 miles7 miles 3.3
10RestRest~5 milesRest3 milesRestGW PARKWAY CLASSIC 10 MILER
11RestRestRestRest3.5 milesRest6.8
12Rest5 miles (Hills)PowerFlex5 miles (Intervals)Elliptical11 miles3 miles
13Rest5 miles PowerFlex5 milesElliptical 12 miles4 miles
14PowerFlex5 milesPowerFlex6 milesRest13 miles 4 miles
15PowerFlex5 milesPowerFlex6 miles Rest14 miles 4 miles
16PowerFlex5 milesPowerFlex6 milesRest8 miles4 miles
17PowerFlex5 milesElliptical 5 milesEllipticalRestHALF MARATHON!

The only downfall to the training schedule is that I won't have Amy to run with for my 14 mile run. She will be running a half marathon that weekend (and rocking the hills!). Maybe Holly will want to be my running buddy that day since I'll be in Philly that weekend ;)

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