Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Competitive Edge

True confession: I'm pretty competitive. Holly and Jill can attest to this ;) I don't know where I get this from- I went to Quaker School! I actually think that my competitive spirit is why I did well in the GW Parkway Classic. Once I began running beside the older woman with the half marathon shirt (see GW Parkway Classic Race Recap), I couldn't stand the thought of her pulling ahead and beating me. As a result, I pushed myself probably harder than I've ever pushed myself before. Of course, I also did well because I set goals for myself and wanted to make my parents and Ryan proud. But it all goes to show that running is just such a mental sport.

Last night I set out for my five mile hills run. Unfortunately, since I don't own a watch that tracks distance, when I run outside on the roads by myself it's always a bit of a crapshoot as to how far I'm going. Usually, I can make a pretty good estimate, but sometimes I fall short. Last night was one of those instances. Instead of doing five, I did 4.54 (see below). 

Whatever I lacked in distance, I made up for in speed. I know where the 2 mile mark is along the route I run and I got there pretty damn fast (just under 16 minutes). I didn't mean to do just happened because, well... there was a girl my age who started running up the Army Navy Drive hill at the exact same time as me. Clearly I couldn't let her beat me! So I hauled it up the hill and for about the next half to three quarters of a mile. The dynamic was really weird and kind of awkward. We parted ways when I turned to run up another steep hill and she kept going straight. This was a relief since I don't think I could have hauled it up another hill.

By the time I was done with my run, I was bright red, sweaty, and completely happy. I'm determined to be ready for the half marathon on May 29th. Obviously, I'm going to have to sidle up to some unsuspecting runner in Boston and show him/her what I'm made of!

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