Thursday, April 28, 2011

Face First

Remember when I had that amazing run last Sunday? Well let's just say that today's run was just a little bit different. Here's the proof:

This is how I cam home from my run. Not only is my chin scraped up and bloody, but both my knees, my right shoulder and palms are scraped up and raw as well.


I was tired going into the run. I should have listened to my body and turned around after 20 minutes when my legs felt like sandbags. But all I kept hearing in my head was that I wasn't going far enough and wasn't preparing well enough for my 12 mile run this Saturday. So although I wanted to turn around, I kept going. Five minutes later as I was crossing the Memorial Bridge, I tripped over something and went down hard. A nice older woman was sweet and stopped to help me. She seemed a little alarmed about my chin. I tried to suck it up and keep going, but after five more minutes of running I felt defeated. I walked/ran my way back home.

Unfortunately, I think my face looks worse in real life. Ryan also seemd a bit alarmed when I walked in the door. My left knee is also pretty swollen. But I guess this sort of makes me a little hard core, right? It's kind of like what they say about equestrians: You're not really a rider until you get thrown off and get back on.  So in that vein, I'll be hitting the pavement again on Saturday with Amy. Let's just hope it's not face first.

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