Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My New Garmin Forerunner

On Friday, May 6th, I officially finished graduate school. With its completion, I have found a renewed sense of interest in running and in my overall fitness. The morning after delivering my final presentation, I ran nine glorious miles with Amy, followed by another four with my mom. That afternoon, I finally decided to buy the Garmin watch I had been mulling over for months. The decision to buy it was a good one :)

So far, I've run with the Garmin twice. The first time, I was so excited to use it that I bolted out of the apartment and forgot my ipod. I wound up running 9.13 miles all by myself with no music. I was supposed to run 14 miles, but my legs were dead at nine and I had no energy to push on (likely due to the fact that I literally ate five pieces of cake at work two hours before my run- I'm not kidding).

Time: 1:19:46  Distance 9.13
This past Monday, I ran six hilly miles and came home dripping in sweat, absolutely beet red and so proud of myself because I didn't stop at 4.5 miles when I wanted to. You see, I'm still getting used to the fact that as I increase my distance on the weekends, I also need to increase my distance during the week. I typically have no problem running 9-13 miles on a Saturday morning with Amy, but when it comes to running 5-6 after work, I have a hard time making myself do it. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Running is so much more of a mental challenge than many realize.

The beauty of having the Garmin is that I'm truly able to track how far I'm going and how fast. Before, I used to estimate how far I was going by how long I was running. Typically, I would guess that for every 9-10 minutes I was running, I was covering one mile. I also used, which was probably pretty accurate, but completely time consuming. Now that I have the Garmin, I'm realizing that I'm a pretty bad guesser. Based on the two routes I ran with the Garmin, I was probably running further and faster in the past than I thought I was.

I'm convinced that with the help of the Garmin, I will continue to become a stronger runner. Now that I know how far and how fast I'm going, I think I'll be able to challenge myself in terms of both pace and distance. (I also think the price of the watch will give me a kick in the butt to get on the road when I'm feeling lazy). I'm already plotting my next running purchase... barefoot running shoes perhaps? I kid.

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