Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Running Mojo is Missing

The absence of posts over the last week is due to a few reasons. First and foremost, it’s crunch time. I have two days to finish two papers and prepare for the presentation of my Culminating Experience (my thesis).  I also have been in Portland, Oregon at a conference for work. I ate the most delicious food on my trip by the way, even down to the sandwich I picked up today from a cute little wine shop at the airport.
But the real reason I haven’t posted since last Thursday is that I’m feeling burned out and uninspired by running. Just over a week and a half ago, I was marveling with Amy about how running 11 miles felt like a walk in the park. I was even starting to come to terms with the way my body was changing; instead of detesting the way that my legs have become “thicker” with muscle, I had started to becoming proud of how far those legs could take me.
Well, that was all very short-lived. My horrendous run last Thursday was followed up by an even worse 12 mile run on Saturday with Amy. The entire 12 miles my legs felt like sandbags. (On the positive side, Amy and I did run the entire 12 miles and didn’t stop to walk, so that’s something I suppose…). Since then, I’ve run twice. Both times on the treadmill and both times I wanted the run to be over before it had hardly even begun.  I’m dreading tomorrow’s run and I can’t bear to think about doing 13 miles on Saturday morning. All of the sudden running is a burden when it used to be a passion.
Folks, my running mojo is gone. I want it back, but I don't know how. Has anyone else gone through this? Any advice on how to rebuild confidence and make running fun again (besides a break from it)?


  1. Aw! In my (very limited) experience I think this is totally normal. Everyone goes through ups and downs especially when you've been doing a consistent training plan for a while! I think what typically helps me is to do a run only for fun and try to do it in a new place (new scenery and all that). Other than that I think just pushing through it and waiting for those days when it's fun again? And try to find time to do other workouts that you like as well?

    I really think it will get better! I went through this for a few weeks in the early spring I know for sure!

  2. Oooh! Or go ahead and get that Garmin/Nike watch...something new to play with for a while! :)