Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pre-Race Prep

Last night, Ryan and I drove up to Rhode Island to spend the weekend at my parent's house. Tomorrow morning, we'll all pile into the car and head to Boston at 6am so that I can run my first half marathon. Although, I'm incredibly nervous for the race tomorrow, I'm feeling a lot better physically than I have been the past week.

This morning, I channeled by nervous energy into setting out everything that I will need for tomorrow.

I laid out the clothes I will run in: Under Armour shorts, an Under Armour HeatGear t-shirt, and my favorite Nike sports bra. I recently discovered Under Armour HeatGear and I'm in love. They wick really well and leave you completely dry no matter how hot it is. I prefer Under Armour shorts to the Nike Tempo Shorts that many runners wear. The Under Amour shorts simply fit better and are more flattering.

I also laid out the clothes I will change into after the race since we plan to walk around Boston: Nike Fit Gear pants, a top with a built in bra from Athleta and  Nike sweatshirt. When it comes to pants, I'm loyal to Nike Fit Gear because of how well they fit and that they come in short sizes.

In terms of food, I set out two Lara bars which I will eat about two hours before the race. I plan on packing one Gu in my belt, since I'm told there will be Gu given out at several different mile markers.

The other things I set out were my ipod, Garmin Forerunner watch, my Nike hat (just in case it rains), my belt to hold my Gu and possibly my phone, and some Gold Bond to prevent chafing.

The things that aren't shown but are vital to my routine before long runs is an antacid and coffee.

I'm also preparing by drinking lots of water and gatorade. I've had more carbs than usual the past few days and will have more with dinner tonight. All in all, I think I'm ready!

Back with the results tomorrow!

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