Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Running Like a Cat

A few weeks ago, I read an interesting blog post on Carrots ‘N’ Cake called “Runners are like Cats and Dogs.” The gist of the post was that runners either prefer to run alone like cats, or run with a pack like dogs. The end of the post posed the question, “Are you a dog runner or cat runner?”

 In response to this question, I immediately identified myself as a dog runner. If given a choice, I would rather run with another person than run alone. I’m more motivated to stick to my planned runs when I’m with another person, I’m more likely to stick to the planned distance when I’m with someone else, and I enjoy the runs more when I have someone to chat with (and I think it goes without saying that I especially enjoy my runs when they’re with Amy).

(My mom and dad's pug, Sophie)

Because I’m a dog runner, losing Amy as a running buddy has been particularly difficult. While I could try to find a new running buddy, my heart just isn’t in it. I simply can’t imagine experiencing the same ease that I had with Amy in both stride and conversation.

And so, I’ve resolved to try and meet my biggest running challenge yet: To learn to run successfully independently.

In truth, my attempt at this transformation has proved exceptionally difficult over the past few weeks. I’ve shirked my planned runs and when I have decided to hit the pavement or the treadmill, my runs have been short and uninspiring. Running solo is hard. But with a training plan for my next half marathon all mapped out, I know that I’m going to have to confront this challenge head on and learn to cope with, if not learn to enjoy, running like a cat.

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  1. I love this comparison and you KNOW I relate! It IS hard, and I definitely don't push myself as much as I did when I ran with you. :( I miss our convos and time together terribly too! But I know we can both do it for sure. And plus, running like precious Gilly can only be good, right???